About Luquado

Electronic music producer,
songwriter, singer & creator

Luquado has been making music for as long as he could reach instruments and teach himself to play, and has produced electronic music since computers made it possible.

Luquado is a storytelling producer, songwriter, and singer based in NYC, with music cutting across electronic genres. Self-taught across all disciplines, Luquado brings a DIY ethos to his work. He produces & records his music, creating his videos, photos, websites, and artwork himself in support of the stories.

Luquado’s solo music aims to take listeners on a journey cutting across genres from the dance floor to melancholy introspection, alternating between synth-drenched tracks awash in vocal effects and nakedly raw acoustic piano, and everything in between.

Luquado also has produced and worked in funk, rock, pop, hip-hop, and acappella as a producer and/or artist. Millions of people have heard his genre projects on national & NYC television, radio, and at public and private performances.

Luquado spent 2020 preparing for his solo launch in 2021, beginning with the single "Love". He'll continue telling stories in the years to come — and hopes you'll come along.

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The Beat Goes On and On

I’ve worked with a lot of performers, producers, crew, etc. over the past 20-25 years or so as a part of my music world, and even more designers…

Connecting the Dots

My lifelong dream hasn't been to necessarily be a composer or songwriter or performer — as awesome & fun as any of those are. No, my dream is being a “storytelling producer” across mediums and forms.

The Beat Goes On and On
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